Digital Capillary Viscometer for Plastic

Digital Capillary Viscometer for Plastic
Product Details

Brief Introduction:

This XNS-25A Viscosity tester is mainly used for the determination of the viscosity of hexanisole solution of polyvinyl chloride resin or copolymer of vinyl chloride. It is an important test of the quality inspection of resin in the chemical industry, scientific research institutes and plastic profile production plants instrument.

Available standard:

ISO1628-2 :Plastics - Determination Of The Viscosity Of Polymers In Dilute Solution Using Capillary Viscometers - Part 2: Poly(vinyl Chloride) Resins


This Viscosity tester is composed by constant temperature water bath (25 ℃ ± 0.05 ℃ )and viscometer. the thermostat temperature automatic control, high precision, easy to use. Stable and reliable performance. Temperature display with LED four digital panel table, intuitive and clear, no visual error.

The main parameters:

1. constant temperature Sink volume: 390mm *360mm*320mm(L*W*H)            

2. constant temperature: 25 ℃ ± 0.05 ℃

3. display error: ± 0.05 ℃

4. temperature fluctuation: ± 0.05

5. heating power: 1.0Kw

6. Power: 220V ± 10%

7. the ambient temperature: 21 ± 2 ℃

8. XNS-25Btype has a cooling function