Digital Liquid Surface Tension Tester

The automatic surface tension meter is based on the principle of platinum ring method to realize the measurement of the surface tension of the precise liquid. It is widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, electric power, scientific research and railway industry.
Platinum ring method is a traditional tension value of the test method, it is made of 0.37mm diameter platinum wire circumference of 60mm ring. Test the first platinum ring immersed in the liquid (or two non-mixed interface) under 2-3mm, and then slowly put the platinum ring to mention, ring and liquid surface will form a membrane; membrane on the platinum ring will have a Pull down the force to measure the entire platinum ring on the process of the film on the ring of the role of the maximum force value, and then converted into a real surface (interface) tension value.

Product Details


1: This surface tension experiments Using advanced strain type or electromagnetic force balance sensor, with high precision, high repeatability .

2:, fast data acquisition rate, up to 10 per second update data, more accurate description of the dynamic tension curve;

3:embedded a variety of professional tension correction model for the measurement of high accuracy to provide adequate protection; 

4:5-inch wide touch screen control, the current temperature, the current tension, peak tension, equivalent tension and other information integrated display, the operation is very simple; 

5.platinum plate, platinum ring two test methods

6:Full automatic operation, eliminate all human error. Platinum plate automatically lock liquid interface, platinum ring show tension curve, peak tension lock automatically, without any conversion, direct screen tension values.

7:It has full range automatic correction, supports Farmar weight correction and tension adjustment for pure water and ethanol.

8:Stepper motor control automatic lift platform, precision can reach level of microns, up and down smoothly, without noise, rising and falling speed is adjustable.

9, semi-circular arc switch door, isolated from the impact of external air;

10, platinum plate, platinum ring hoisting bracket, the user easy to uninstall, ready to use the standard weight calibration force value

11, One key to peel function, the number does not run, zero no drift;

12, the temperature automatically compensated to water, ethanol as a standard, automatically converted to 20 ° C specimen tension value;

13, convenient temperature control interface, configure the thermostat tank can accurately control the sample temperature;

14, a strong data collection and management software, without manual recording; users can always query the historical data, and lead into EXCEL data format, user-friendly secondary data Development

15:Meeting the following standards, but not limited to the following criteria:ISO 1409-1995 The surface tension determination of the plastic, rubber, polymer dispersions and latex.

ISO 6295-1983 The oil to water interfacial tension determination of oil products 



Main technical parameters:

 Model No.




Test method

platinum plate, platinum ring two test methods, you can choose one or both

Operation mode

Touch operation, sample table automatically lift, automatic conversion

Display mode

  5 inch color touch screen

Measuring range











Electronic balance accuracy




Weighing system type

     Electromagnetic force balance

automatically calibrated Accuracy


Temperature control interface

Match the constant temperature sink to control the sample temperature

Data Update

10 data / sec

Data processing software

The matching data acquisition software records the tension curve in real time and analyzes the dynamic tension data

Data output interface

RS232 / USB / network port

Micro printer interface


U disk storage interface


Test time

Platinum plate method to be 10 seconds, ring gold plate method to be 50 seconds