Soil Moisture Meter

Soil Moisture Meter
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Soil moisture meter



 ◇The machine is small in size and adopts the design concept of hand-held style, which is easy to operate and reliable.

 ◇ Tracking records throughout the whole process, recording time is long, data collection and recording are integrated, and the historical data automatic storage protection function after power failure.

 ◇ Less power consumption, can be powered by a power adapter or battery.

 ◇The software is powerful and easy to view data: The data in the speedometer can be exported to the computer at any time, and can be stored as an EXCEL form file to generate a data curve for further analysis by other analysis software, which is convenient for research and inspection.

 ◇ Large screen Chinese LCD display, real-time display of soil temperature values, group number, low voltage warning, easy to field operations.

 ◇ Large screen Chinese LCD display, real-time display of moisture value, group number, low voltage alarm, easy to field work.

 ◇ A variety of soil formulas can be set to facilitate a variety of soil testing.

Scope of application:

Soil temperature and humidity rapid measurement is widely used in agriculture, forestry, geological exploration, plant cultivation and other fields.


Technical parameters:

Power supply: battery powered
Display: LCD screen
Cable length: 1.5 meters (can be customized )
Record interval: 1 minute to 24 hours adjustable
Storage data:> 100,000
Data export: USB interface

Attachment: FDS-100 soil moisture probe technical parameters:

Moisture content test range: 0 ~ 100%

Measurement accuracy: ±3%

Test settling time: 2 seconds

Working environment temperature: -40 ° C ~ 85 ° C

Cylinder housing inner diameter: 42mm outer diameter: 55mm height: 111mm

Stainless steel probe length: 55mm diameter: 3mm

Cable length: standard 1.5 meters (can be customized according to customer needs)

Gross weight: about 4kG