Precision Density Balance

Precision Density Balance
Product Details

Precision density balance

This Density balance tester is used for testing the density of kinds of materials Archimedes principle.

 It accords to ISO1183 standard.

Product Features:

1.It Can test the density of solids, liquids, powders, absorbent samples;

2.High-precision sensor, impact resistance, overload resistance, ensure weighing accuracy and stability;

3.Built-in rigorous measurement calculation program directly displays the sample density without manual conversion;

4.Specially crafted aluminum casting shell, comprehensively enhance the anti-static anti-jamming ability of the balance;

5.High contrast LCD display, clear and intuitive readings;

6.Built-in a variety of density reference, can set the density reference, with the membrane button operation, man-machine dialogue interface, the operation is more simple.

Product configuration:

Density support

Stand Calibration Weight

LCD Liquid Crystal Display

Level Indicator

Overload Alarm

Full Range Taring

Technical parameters: