Digital Oxygen Index Tester

Digital Oxygen Index Tester
Product Details

Brief introduction:

The oxygen index tester is used to determine the concentration of oxygen in the polymer during combustion (volume percentage).

The polymer oxygen index value is the minimum oxygen percent by volume in oxygen & nitrogen mixture gas, which can keep the material burning 50mm or keep burning 3 minutes.  

This tester can be used as a means of identifying the combustion performance of polymers, but also as a related research tool, so as to obtain a better understanding of the combustion process of the polymer.

The instrument is suitable for plastic, rubber, foam, wood and other materials, the combustion performance of the test, the results are accurate, good reproducibility. It is an indispensable test equipment for the research and production of flame retardant materials.


Available standards:

ASTM D2863ISO4589-2



This tester uses the German ENVITEC high precision oxygen sensor, digital display results, high precision, long service life, simple structure, convenient operation, no need to calculate by formula. Front panel is ash black plastic surface scrub treatment, 304 stainless steel decorative strip surrounding, the whole machine spray plastic, appearance beautiful, generous.


Main technical parameters:

Burning barrel inner diameter: 100mm

Burning barrel height: 450mm

Flow meter accuracy: 2.5 class

Pressure meter accuracy: 2.5 class

Pressure meter resolution: 0.01Mpa

Oxygen indicator resolution: 0.1%

Gas source: Oxygen, nitrogen purify not less than 98%

Test condition: Temperature: 10-35℃  Humidity: 45-75%

Input pressure: 0.2-0.3MPa

Working pressure: 0.05-0.15MPa

Sample type: Self-supporting material, Non self-supporting material

Power: 110V, 60HZ, single phase

Packing size: 630*730*800mm

Gross weight: 58Kg



1. The internal pressure of oxygen and nitrogen cylinder used by the tester is not less than 1MPa. If it is lower than this pressure, please replace it in time.(Need user prepare Pressure relief valve,Oxygen and nitrogen themself)

2.  adjust the flow when the force should be uniform, do not suddenly big or small.

3.  according to the use of regular cleaning of the combustion cylinder and ignition surface dirt, timely removal of burning cylinder metal wire burning drops, to ensure gas flow.

4. in case of problems, please contact our company, please do not disassemble, especially components.

5.  oxygen, nitrogen cylinder belongs to high pressure container, use must be far away from the fire source, pay attention to safety.