Halogen Moisture Meter

Halogen Moisture Meter
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Halogen Moisture analyzer(water content tester )


Brief introduction:

The Halogen Moisture Analyzer uses the principle of pyrolysis weight of halogen lamps and is a rapid moisture detection instrument. Moisture analyzer measures the weight of the sample, while the halogen lamp heating unit and the moisture evaporation channel quickly dry the sample. During the drying process, the moisture analyzer continuously measures and immediately displays the lost moisture content of the sample. After the drying process is completed, the final moisture content is measured. The content value is locked and displayed.

   Compared with the international oven heating method, the halogen heating can reach the maximum heating power in the shortest time, and the sample is quickly dried at high temperature. The detection results are in good agreement with the national standard oven method, which is replaceable, and the detection efficiency is much higher. In the oven method. General samples take only a few minutes to complete the measurement. And the operation is simple and the test is accurate, and the data such as moisture value, dry value, measurement time, temperature value, and the like can be displayed respectively. And has a connection with the computer, printer.


Halogen heating

Stainless steel heating chamber

Temperature/time adjustable

Percentage shows moisture content

Percentage shows dry allowance

Large LCD screen with backlight

Can remember multiple sets of drying process


Technical parameters: