Plastic Flammability Glow Wire Tester

This Glow Wire Tester is Commonly used in plug and socket electrical appliances and their components, components, but also for solid electrical insulation materials or other solid combustible materials.This Glow wire test machineaccording to IEC60695-2-10:2013(Edition 2.0). Test method for this glow wire testing machine:with a standard resistance wire ring heated to the specified temperature, and then under the conditions of the test glow wire and test samples in contact.

Product Details

Brief Introduction:

This Glow wire tester is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of "Glow Wire Test Method" in IEC 60695-2-10. It is suitable for electric and electronic products, household appliances and their materials for fire hazard testing, simulates heat sources such as glow elements or overload resistors or The thermal stress caused by the ignition source in a short time.

Test principle:

Glow wire testers are parts of insulating materials or other solid combustible materials that simulate the easy propagation of flames inside the device and may ignite due to a glow wire or a hot element. Under certain conditions, such as fault current flowing through the wire, component overload, and poor contact, some components will reach a certain temperature and cause a nearby component ignition test.

Glow Wire Tester works principle:

Nickel-chromium wire (U-type glow wire) of specified material Φ4 mm is heated to a specified temperature (300 °C to 1000 °C) with a large current, and the sample is then hot-pressed for 30 seconds at the specified pressure (1.0N). Whether the mat is lighted or burning time to determine the ignition risk of finished electrical and electronic equipment; record the burning time, ignition time (Ti), flame extinguishing time (Te), and flammability index (GWFI) after the test is completed.

Main technical Parameter:

1. Control mode:PLC+ Touch Screen

2. Glow wire: Φ4mm±0.04mm, Ni/Cr(77/20)

3. Temperature range of glow-wire: 100~1050℃

4. Temperature fluctuation:<3℃

5. Thermocouple: Φ1.0mm

6. Current adjustment range: 0~150A

7. Force applied on sample by glow wire: 0.95N ±0.1N

8. Depth of glow wire penetrates in the sample: 7mm±0.5mm (controlled by mini electromagnet, ironing depth can be fine tuned)

9. Size of sample fixture: 80*80mm

10. Driving mode of specimen trolley: DC motor drives ball screw, specimen trolley operating smoothly at a constant speed

11. Specimen moving speed: 10mm/s~25mm/s

12. Glowing time: 0~99.99s (digital display, can be preset)

13. Time of starting burning: 0~99.99s (digital display, can be preset)

14. Flame extinction time: 0~99.99s(digital display, can be preset)

15. Ignition ground plate: 10mm-thickness pine wood coated with standard silk paper (12g/m2~30g/m2)

16. Distance between action point of glow wire and pine plate: 200mm±5mm

17. Internal volume of chamber: 0.5m3

18. Dark color illuminance of background material in the test chamber: <20 Lx

19. Overall dimension(L*W*H): 1170*630*1330mm

20. Chamber material: sprayed iron plate

21. Air vent: Φ100mm

22. Working power supply:AC 220V, 10A, 50Hz


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