Embedded Computer Type Differential Scanning Calorimeter

Embedded Computer Type Differential Scanning Calorimeter
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Brief introduction:

This instrument is used to professionally test the oxidation induction time of materials.

Oxidation Induction Time (OIT) is a measure of the time at which an autocatalytic oxidation reaction begins to take place at elevated temperatures (200 degrees Celsius). It is an indicator of the resistance to thermal degradation of materials during molding, storage, soldering, and use.

The Oxidation Induction Period (OIT) method is a method for testing the accelerated ageing of plastics in high temperature oxygen using differential thermal analysis (DTA) based on the exothermic reflection of plastic molecular chain breaks.

Test principle: The plastic sample and the inert reference material (such as alumina) are placed in the differential thermal analyzer to rapidly replace the inert gas (such as nitrogen) in the sample chamber with oxygen at a certain temperature. The change in the DTA curve (differential thermal spectrum) due to the oxidation of the pattern was tested, and the oxidation induction period (time) OIT (min) was obtained to evaluate the heat aging resistance of the plastic.

Available standard:

ISO 11357-6:Plastics -- Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) -- Part 6: Determination of oxidation induction time (isothermal OIT) and oxidation induction temperature (dynamic OIT)

Technical features:

1: Special tester for oxidation induction period, customer one-button operation, software fully automatic operation.

2: The new sensor sample holder, fully enclosed structure design, to prevent items from falling into the furnace body.

3: Embedded 10 inch large industrial grade computer, no need to install a computer, integrated equipment, display information is rich, including set temperature, sample temperature, oxygen flow, nitrogen flow, differential heat signal, various switch states, flow return zero.

4: Four USB ports are equipped as standard on the right side of the instrument, which is convenient for users to connect external devices such as mouse, keyboard, printer, U disk, etc., which is convenient for users.

5: The internal USB communication interface of the instrument is stronger and more versatile than the original instrument. The communication is reliable and uninterrupted, and the self-recovery connection function is supported.

6: The digital gas mass flow meter automatically switches the two-way atmosphere flow, and the switching speed is fast and the stabilization time is short.

7: Standard samples are standard, which is convenient for customers to correct the constant temperature coefficient.

8: Pre-installed software, no computer adaptability problems, reduce the problems caused by the replacement of the use of the computer, the installation of the driver error.

9: Support user self-programming program to realize full automation of measurement steps. The software provides dozens of instructions, and the user can flexibly combine the instructions according to their own measurement steps and save them. Complex operations are simplified into one-button operations.

10: Configure WIN 10 system, with 32GB capacity, 2GB system memory, no need to use U disk to transfer data, the instrument can be stored inside, the operation mode touch screen and mouse button can be used

11: Double temperature probe, respectively, to detect the temperature of the furnace body and the temperature of the sample, to ensure the high repeatability and authenticity of the sample temperature measurement.

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Technical Parameters:

1: Temperature range: room temperature ~500 °C

2: Temperature resolution: 0.01 °C

3: Calorimetric resolution: 100%, under certain conditions, it can completely distinguish the two thermal effects that are close to the test.

4: Heating rate: 0.1~80°C/min

5: Cooling rate: 0.1 °C / min -30 ° C / min

6: Constant temperature: room temperature -500 ° C

7: Constant temperature time: recommended <24h

8: Temperature control mode: heating, constant temperature (automatic program control)

9: DSC range: 0 ~ ± 500mW

10: DSC resolution: 0.01mW

11: DSC sensitivity: 0.01mW

12: Working power supply: AC 220V 50Hz or customized

13: atmosphere control gas: nitrogen oxygen (automatic instrument switching)

14: Gas flow rate: 0-200mL/min

15: Gas pressure: 0.2MPa

16: Gas flow accuracy: 0.2mL/min

17: Optional crucible:Aluminum crucible 6.76.7*3mm

18: Parameter standard: equipped with standard materials (indium, tin, zinc), user can correct the temperature

19: Data interface: standard USB interface (internal interface, no external connection required)

20: Display mode: 10-inch industrial computer touch display, external mouse, keyboard, U disk, printer

21: All imported sensors, imported chips

22: Fully enclosed bracket structure design prevents articles from falling into the furnace body, polluting the furnace body, reducing maintenance rate

23: Power: 300W