Dielectric Constant Tester

Dielectric Constant Tester
Product Details

Dielectric constant tester

This tester is used to measure the dielectric constant and dielectric loss factor (loss tangent) of insulating materials.

Dielectric loss and dielectric constant are an important physical property of various metal oxides, plates, porcelain (ceramics), mica, glass, plastics and other materials.

The measurement can further understand various factors affecting the dielectric loss and dielectric constant, and provide a basis for improving the performance of the material. The instrument is used in scientific research institutions, schools, factories and other units to apply the research on the performance of new inorganic metal materials.

Technical Parameters:

Signal source: DDS digital synthesis 10KHZ-70MHz

Tuning capacitor: main capacitor 30-500PF

Tuning Capacitance Error and Resolution ±1.5P or <1%< p="">

Q measurement range: 1-1000 automatic / manual range

Q measurement work error <5% < p="">

Q resolution: 4 significant digits, resolution 0.1

Unique technology:

The instrument automatically subtracts residual inductance and test lead inductance. Greatly improve measurement accuracy.

The large capacitance value is directly measured and displayed.

Number microscopic measuring device, direct reading.