High Accuracy Digital Density Tester

This Density balance tester is used for testing the density of kinds of materials Archimedes principle. It accords to ISO1183 standard

Product Details

Technical parameters:

Capacity:  120 g  

Readability:  0.1 mg  

Repeatibility (Std. Dev.) (mg):  0.1  

Linearity (mg): ±0.2  

Weighing units:  Milligram, gram, kilogram, pound, ounce, user programmable custom unit, carat, troy ounce, pennyweight, grain, Newton, Hong Kong tael, Singapore tael, Taiwan tael, momme, tical, baht, mesghal, tola  

Application Modes:  Basic Weighing, Dynamic Weighing, Parts Counting with Automatic Sample Recalibration, Percent Weighing, Check Weighing, Totalization, Display Hold  

Tare range:  To capacity by subtraction  

Stabilization time (seconds):  4 

Operating Temperature Range:  10° to 30°C 


The density balance includes Density Parts.
First, you should open carefully the packaging density of components, as figure 1 should include the following components. 
1) Manual instruction
2) Vessel support
3) beaker
4) fix support
5) floating solids link
6) floating downward solid 
7) thermometer
8) wetting reagent 
9) 10ml falling hammer

10) scale support 1 (Used for AR / EP Analytical Balance) 
11) scale support 2 (Used for CAV Analytical Balance) 
12) scale support 3 (Used for the balance of CP)




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