Digital Contact Angle Tester(Goniometer)

The contact angle meter is a standard type of instrument used to measure solid contact angle, surface energy, and liquid surface tension. It use advanced optical video measurement technology, sending high-precision industrial camera images to the computer for data processing, full-featured, the operation is very convenient. It accords to ASTM D 724, ASTM D 5946, ISO 15969 and other standards. This Digital contact angle tester(Goniometer) is Widely used in industrial and mining enterprises laboratory quality testing and scientific research of tertiary institutions

Product Details


● 360℃ full-automatically whole-rotated Contact Angle Meter

● Full-automatic sample injector

● Full-automatically calculate Contact Angle,
● Humanized design,
● Guaranteeing the high repeatability and stability of the results.


Adopting all metal aluminum alloy material, the overall mechanical structure of the instrument is strong and durable; the modular design, convenient for partition and assembly, can meet different accuracy needs.

Adjustable screw-type four-angle platform facilitates the user on any uneven platform. It can be arbitrarily adjusted to ensure the liquid droplets platform to be horizontal.

Unique camera fixing bracket; wide scale of front and back stretch   distance; humanized PTFE ring camera shell preventing scratch from moving the camera; hexagonal screw fastening structure is good for fastening camera to prevent shake.

Humanized ball screw and guide rail technology ensures the quickness of droplet platform back and forth motion and left and right movement, and controls the moving precision, making manual mobile precision error narrow to 0.01 mm. The broad mobile space, adjustable moving front and back range up to 80 mm, makes it easy to move the camera and a sample machine to a best position.

Adjustable horizontal sample object stage is convenient to adjust sample units to the horizontal state.

Manual 360° overall rotation platform with accuracy up to 0.01°. Support programming to achieve the function of snapping a photo at a rotation angle.

Droplet sample manual differential head and trace titration method has the precision of 0.1uL. With clear calibration and a needle locking structure, the machine is easy to use. Optional stainless steel, PTFE, etc. materials of needles satisfies different material needs.

Droplet sampler has a broad distance to move up and down at the range of up to 60 mm.

LED cold light source technology makes back light brightness continuous and adjustable, and makes droplet outline clearly visible. Without heat emissions, It avoids making droplet vaporized in the long time detection

As the high performance industrial digital video camera with high resolution, high accuracy, high resolution, good color reproduction and low noise, it adopts s USB2.0 standard interface, which makes direct connection without pull plug very conveniently; it uses high resolution industrial continuous zoom lens with optical magnification of 0.7 to 4.5 X; with the resolution of 1280 * 1024 and 25 frames per second transmission speed, the user can choose camera with 3 million, 5 million or even higher pixels and ultra-high speed transmission camera of 100 - 300 frames per second.

With contact angle analysis system of software copyright and powerful automatic analysis function, it can test static contact angle and the dynamic contact angle, advancing angle and back angle; it can search for gas-solid-liquid three-phase point and the interface of solid and liquid automatically; it provides high volume method, single circle fitting, double circle fitting and real droplet contour method such as automatic computing contact Angle on both left and right; it provides Owens two-fluid calculation method to calculate the surface free energy and powerful database data management way, which is convenient for users to classify the preservation of data, and can be arbitrary export images and data.

Contact angle data acquisition modes: the combination of automatic measurements and artificial modification. One-click "test" button, the software take continuous automatic pictures - look for three phase sensitive point - contact angle values around - show the calculation result-- the whole process without human intervention minimizes the artificial factors.

Main technical parameters:


CA100C (Overall 360 degrees rotation, automatic filling, automatic contact Angle test)

Model key

Rotary type automatic sampling contact Angle meter

Test resolution


Test accuracy


Contact angle test range


Sample table left and right horizontal movement

Manual trip: 100mm

Sample table front and back horizontal movement  

Manual trip: 80mm


Sample table up and down movement

Manual trip: 10mm, Accuracy: 0.01m

Sample table up and down lifting

Coarse 35mm adjustable trip


Horizontal  adjustment   

Adjust the platform by level feet and sample tilt set.

Sample table rotation

Manual 360° overall rotation

Sample table size


Liquor-feed control move up and down

Automatic feed trip: 90mm     Accuracy: 0.01mm

Camera left and right movement


Light source

Monochromatic LED light source with adjustable brightness


Industrial continuous zoom lens    0.7 -4.5 X


1. Industrial-grade black-and-white USB2.0 camera or the 1394 Interface camera of the same type.

2. Picture saved clearly in high-standard BMP image format or output in AVI video format without image distortion.

3.The highest image resolution: 1280*1024(standard BMP format)

Cameras with 3 million, 5 million or even higher pixels can be used if needed.

4. Image acquisition speed: 15-40 frames per second.

Speed of 100/300/1000 or even higher frames per second can be achieved if needed.