PPR Pipes Hot&could Water Cycling Tester

This XGLR Thermal Recycling testing machine is a Professional PPR pipe test machine .Which used in hot and cold-water cycling impact test of the hot and cold water pipes under a certain pressure to evaluate the function of the plastic pipes and the pipe fittings system. It is controlled by PLC with liquid crystal screen and test software on computer to display all the parameters of the test. The machine accords with the standard ISO10508, ASTM1335

Product Details

Main technical parameters:

Pressurized range: 0.4-1MPa     

Constant pressure accuracy: ≤±0.02MPa

Cold-water temperature: 20℃

Temperature fluctuation: ≤±5℃ (cold water)

Hot-water temperature: 40-95℃

Temperature error: ≤±2℃ (hot water)

Cycling times: 5000

Shifting time: <1min

Time:15 min for cold,hot water respectively.

Power supply: 220v±10%   380v±10% (three-phases four lines)

Max power: 23kw

Average power: about 2.2kw

Cycling period: keyboard setting

XGLR-4A Model: Can test 4 station≦32mm in the meantime, or 1 station 63mm

XGLR-4B Model:can test ≦50mm, or 2 station 40mm in the meantime


1、The test machine can simultaneously test multiple samples (specific ones based on user requirements change), the system uses computer control, high degree of automation。Touch screen makes test parameters setting and test data display more simple and convenient. Pressurization system uses multi-stage centrifugal pump, inverter control output pressure, which largely reduce the system leakage Influence.

2、 Small pressure impact, small temperature fluctuations, high degree of automation, low energy consumption, low noise.

3、 The main components use imported technology or imported components;

4、 Sample installation accords to ISO10508

5、 Other type sample for installation can special ordered according to the pipe and fittings reequipments .

6、 Sample frame was stainless steel materials, Durable and beautiful.

Structure and Principle


The machine was composed by four parts, the man frame, the sample chamber, electric control room and industrial chillers and other components.

Main frame was used for supplying qualified water to the sample. It is composed by cold water tank, hot water tank, hot water pump, cold water pump, Electrical parts and piping line.

Sample chamber was for installing the sample, composed by sample installation shame and clamp rings.

Electric control room was used for setting parameters, adjust sample condition, was composed by touch screen, control circuit and control valves.

Industrial chiller was used for supplying cold water to the main frame cold water tank to insure the requested temperature.

Working principle

Pressure control:Hydraulic pressure signal from the sample adjust the pressure by the speed of the motor drive, so that the sample reaches the set pressure value

Temperature control: cold water tank temperature was controlled by the industrial chiller. Hot water tank was composed by heating tube, temperature sensor, hot water cycling pump. System adjust to the set temperature. Sample outlet temperature temperature was controlled by the adjusting valve, to change the the flow rate in the sample,So as to adjust the sample inlet and outlet temperature difference reaches the required value. Then by open and close the pneumatic valve to shift the cold water and hot water.