Plastic Valve Torque&fatigue Tester

Plastic Valve Torque&fatigue Tester
Product Details


This equipment mainly made of rust-resisting material, with high corrosion resistance and long service life. Man-machine interface using icon indicates, the structure is clear, operation is convenient and intuitive. using the combination of electromagnetic clutch  structure and a torque sensor, prolong the service life of the torque sensor greatly. Unique failure protection design, make sure system operating efficient and reliable. Hydraulic pressure control system is stable, Flow rate and pressure is controlled by PID adjustment automatic, high degree of automation

Technical parameters:

Valve diameter range:16-63mm or 63-160mm

pressure range: 0-2.0MPa accuracy: 1%

torque:0-20N.m  accuracy:2%

rate of flow:0-8 m3 /h    accuracy: 1%

constant temperature:20-70℃    

constant temperature accuracy:±2℃

constant temperature water tank heating power: 6Kw ,volume: 0.3 m3

The centrifugal pump power:4KW

Chiller power :1.01KW    

Cooling capacity: 1.5KW