Computer Controlled Plastic Pipes Ring-stiffness Testing Machine(Max OD3.5 Meter )

This Plastic pipes Ring stiffness testing machine is applies to determine thermoplastic pipe ring stiffness which with a circular cross section. And it can also be applied to flat experiment, ring flexibility experiment, etc. The instrument meets the requirement of test standards for PE double-wall corrugated pipe, coil pipe and all kinds of plastic.
This ring stiffness testing machine is controlled by a PC,easy use software is included with the frame and can be installed on any newer PC.
And it equipped with inside diameter measuring device, which can perform more accuracy result. And it can also perform Weld tensile test with proper grips.
It is a necessary testing instrument for the scientific research institutes, quality inspection departments and tubing manufacturers.
This Ring stiffness tester accords to ISO9969, ASTM D2412

Product Details

Brief Introduction:

This Plastic pipes Ring stiffness testing machine is applies to determine thermoplastic pipe ring stiffness which with a circular cross section. And it can also be applied to flat experiment, ring flexibility experiment, etc. The instrument meets the requirement of test standards for PE double-wall corrugated pipe, coil pipe and all kinds of plastic

Main technical parameter:




Max load



Accuracy class

Class 1

Test force resolution


Displacement resolution


Loading speed


Return speed


power supply

AC 220V±10% 50Hz 0.75KWak 1KW




Test Range (OD)



test width 



Performance &characteristics

1.Mechanical process structure:

Main frame consists of base, four columns and two high-precision ball screw constitute the door structure; drive load system using AC servo motor and synchronous gear with deceleration device, driven by high precision ball screw rotation, and then drive the mobile beam to achieve load. The machine is handsome in appearance, good stability, rigidity, high control accuracy, high efficiency, low noise, energy saving and environmental protection.

Control and measurement systems:

This machine adopts advanced full digital closed-loop control system for control and measurement.

1、Digital closed-loop control system adopts automatic control IC, the interior is a combination of DSP + MCU. It integrates computing speed DSP and MCU for I O port control and strong advantages, its overall performance was better than the DSP or e 32-bit single-chip 

2、Its internal integration of the hardware required for motor control module, for example: PWM, QEI, etc. Key performance of the system is fully guaranteed by the hardware module to ensure the safety of the system running smoothly。

3、Using the current international most advanced specialized servo motor control chip and multi-channel data acquisition and processing module, ensuring consistency and high-speed sampling system control functions effectively, avoiding the previous load sharing for each sensor channel sampling and deformation caused by unsynchronized the problem, to ensure that the advanced nature of the system. Try using a hardware module system is designed to ensure stable and reliable products.

4. Using computer testing process and test curves dynamic display, and data processing. After the end of the trial by the graphics processing module for data reanalysis amplification curve editing, performance reached the international advanced level

5、Dedicated ASIC chip share the sampling, status monitoring and a series of peripheral work, communication and other related work by the internal hardware module, it is more focused on the DSC control PID computing body work, not only more reliable, but also faster response and control so that our system operation by the control panel at the bottom to complete the PID adjustment and control output, truly a complete closed-loop control system underlying.

6、Multiple layers of protection: a software and hardware features two levels of protection can be achieved on the test machine overload, over current, a variety of security protection, over voltage, under voltage, over-speed, limit, etc.;

7、 3-way high-speed  24 bit A / D converter channels, valid code values up to 20 millionths of a resolution, to achieve the inside and outside, regardless of file, and the full resolution of the same;

Software Features:

1. the user interface supports Windows XP, Windows 7 system, real-time curve display and processing, graphics and video technology, modular software architecture, data storage and processing based on MS-ACCESS database for easy connection with other office software OFFICE.

2. hierarchical user rights management

After user login, system open the appropriate operating function modules under its authority.

Super administrator has the highest authority, can manage user permissions to different operator authorization different operating modules

3.It has a strong management function test, the test unit can be set according to demand.

According to different standard editing the appropriate test program, simply select the appropriate test  

program during the test, the test can be completed according to standards, and output to meet the requirements of the standard test report.

4. The test data is automatically stored, avoiding trial data loss due to accidental causes.

It has test Data fuzzy queries function, and can find the finished test data and results according to different requirements, and  also can merge opened several tests for comparative analysis. Data backup function can save or view Previous test data

5. Save the database format and software scalability

Based on MS-ACCESS database with Office software interface, the report is stored as WORD or EXCEL format format; in addition to the original data so open, the user can access the raw data through the database to facilitate

materials research, give full play to the effectiveness of the measured data.

The advance of measuring control system:

1.The core of Measuring control system is consist of Strain sensors, instrumentation  amplifier, sample retainer, multiway switch and A/D converter.

2.We use High precision spokes of sensor and the structure of four force transducer for load cell.

3. we use the spokes force transducer because hub-and-spoke force transducer has the characteristics of the torsion resistance can effectively counteract the force generated by the dynamic torque. At the same time, in order to effectively eliminate the poor hub-and-spoke partial resistance sensor, make sure the sample at center within the rectangle which cunstituted by the four sensor , it won't create a single point offset, and this eliminates the bias error.

4. The base is connected with the bearing plate by four high-precision spoke force-measuring sensors, and the load placed on the bearing plate transmits the load pressure it receives to the load cell through the load-bearing plate, and converts the pressure into electric signal to the control system. Force measurement system for the four load cell output signal amplification, hold, A / D conversion, the CPU transferred to the data memory storage.

5.When the inner diameter of the specimen is smaller (less than 1000mm), the force values of the single (double)force sensor structure and the four-force sensor structure are not very different. Double) force sensor structure

and four-force sensor structure measurement results are significantly different. This difference in the sample bias and structural wall is not uniform, the same load cell structure measurement results repeatability significantly different. The four-force sensor structure ring stiffness testing machine consistency is better than single (double) force sensor ring stiffness testing machine structure.

About packing: 

For exporting machines, we all use Sturdy and durable plywood wooden box. 

About transportation:

It depends on client request. We can delivery by sea, or air cargo, also can delivery by express mail to your company directly. 

About after-sales service. 

1.All our machines has 18 month warranty period, if any parts broken within the warranty period, we will offer parts to you for free. And beyond the warranty period, we also offer maintaince whole life of the machines

2.If you have any questions in using the machine, please contact us by E-mail, we will reply you within 8 hours.

3.We can help check and solve your problems by E-mail, skype, wechat, whatsapp and also Team viewer

4.If need engineer for installation, we will send engineer to your company.


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