PVC Pipes Methylene Chloride Soak Tester

The methylene chloride soak test machine is used to make dichloromethane soak test for plastic pipes, fittings, sheet material and so on.
Dichloromethane impregnation test is an important testing project of PVC-U pipe, which is used to characterize the plasticization degree and uniformity of the pipe. The plasticization degree of the pipe will directly affect the long-term hydrostatic performance of the pipe and have a direct influence on the service life of the pipe.
This dichloromethane tester accords to standard of  ISO 9852:2006 “The dichloromethane soak testing method for rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U)” for test equipment. Plastic Dichloromethane soak testing machine.

Product Details

Main Technical Parameter

Bath tank temperature range:15±0.5℃ ~60℃

Temperature uniformity: ±0.2℃          

Control temperature accurate:±0.5℃       

Container size:Diameter Ф300×400mm

Power supply:AC 220V ±10% 10A

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