Industrial High Temperature Hot Air Ventilated Oven

​This ventilation oven was a common instrument which was sued for drying sample and offering proper temperature environment for the test. And it can be sued for testing the longitudinal reversion for plastic pipes.It accords to ISO2505

Product Details


1.Vertical style streamlined shape conservation laboratory transverse empty;

2, high-quality stainless steel mirror studio;

3, double glass windows;

4, the unique fan speed control function;

5, back horizontal air;

6, when the tube stainless steel heating Improve Efficiency Province;

7, high-clear digital display;

8, touch the dancer invisible door;

9, PID microcomputer control system reservation Switcher;

10, with a timed run, parameter memory, over-temperature audible alarm and other functions

Technical parameters

Constant temperature: room temperature-300℃

Temperature fluctuation: ±1℃(under 200℃)

Temperature accuracy:0.1℃

Heating power: 1.55kW

Ventilated machine power: 40W


working room:420×350×460mm or  500×400×630mm


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