Industrial High Temperature Hot Air Ventilated Oven

Industrial High Temperature Hot Air Ventilated Oven
Product Details


1.Vertical style streamlined shape conservation laboratory transverse empty;

2, high-quality stainless steel mirror studio;

3, double glass windows;

4, the unique fan speed control function;

5, back horizontal air;

6, when the tube stainless steel heating Improve Efficiency Province;

7, high-clear digital display;

8, touch the dancer invisible door;

9, PID microcomputer control system reservation Switcher;

10, with a timed run, parameter memory, over-temperature audible alarm and other functions

Technical parameters

Constant temperature: room temperature-300℃

Temperature fluctuation: ±1℃(under 200℃)

Temperature accuracy:0.1℃

Heating power: 1.55kW

Ventilated machine power: 40W


working room:420×350×460mm or  500×400×630mm