Computer Controlled Plastic Pipes Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Machine

XGY-D plastic pipes hydrostatic pressure testing machine is used for the resistance to internal pressure determination of the plastics pipes, fittings and valves, which are given the same or different pressure with the constant temperature. It is necessary for the producers, scientific research agency and quality-control institution to check and measure the performance of the test piece.

Product Details

Available Standards:

ISO9080:Plastics Piping And Ducting Systems - Determination Of The Long-Term Hydrostatic Strength Of Thermoplastics Materials In Pipe Form By Extrapolation 

ISO1167:Thermoplastics pipes, fittings and assemblies for the conveyance of fluids - Determination of the resistance to internal pressure 

ASTM D1598:Standard Test Method for Time-to-Failure of Plastic Pipe Under Constant Internal Pressure 

ASTM D 1599:Standard Test Method for Resistance to Short-Time Hydraulic Failure Pressure of Plastic Pipe, Tubing, and Fittings 

ASTM F1335:Standard Specification for Pressure-Rated Composite Pipe and Fittings for Elevated Temperature Service

Main technical parameter:


Technical parameter



Pressurization range

0.3-3Mpa, 0.6-6Mpa, 1-10Mpa or 20Mpa


Constant pressure accuracy






Timing range



Timing accuracy



Dimension of the test piece

Suitable for diameter Φ14-Φ800 mm


Standard station



Voltage and power

a.c. 380±10%   50Hz  1.5kW



600×800×1850mm Main frame


1. It is a fully new designed Hidrostatic Presure Tester

2. This hydrostatic testing equipment Adopts modular organization design, which is more convenient for user's requirement. (Can expand to max 48 stations)

3. Advanced controlled mode makes the pres -sure more stable.

4. May match PC

5. This pipe pressure tester Use imported pump as the pressure source

(a) Other functions:

Structure :

① Sophisticated industrial standard cabinet, reasonable composition.

② Imported high-pressure pump which can offer high speed and strong drive, imported magnet valve which can be with long working life and excellent capability.  

③ Independent and stable pressure source, it adjusts automatically.

④ there is filtration system which can be maintaining the clean water throughout the whole system in front of the high-pressure pump. It can extend the working life of the high-pressure pump and the magnet valves.


① Anti-jamming design, dealing with all kinds of electromagnetic interference.

② High-speed high-performance microprocessors, running fast.

③ Adopt imported magnet valve controlled to ensure the long working life; to ensure the supply pressure timely and stable.

High intelligence 

① This hydrostatic pressure testing equipment control adopt completely Adaptive PID adjust mode. The system can identify and deal with the following instance according to the different test state. Such as adding pressure, keeping pressure, supplementing pressure and judging stop.

② The function of the computer software is stronger, the software adopt completely Adopt adaptive PID control system to control and display every test pieces' pressure, time and temperature state during the test. PC can monitor real time test procedure, and it can draw test curve and then show out the test report.

③ If the test was interrupted by various reasons, you can choose recovering the test or not, and the machine could keep the data during the interrupted period.


Control unit for main frame

■ Using AVR high-speed microprocessor as the core circuit structure, based on Instrumentation amplifier and precision AD chip, to perform data collect function, Task flow scheduling mechanism to monitor magnetic valve and adjust PID to insure smooth &fast pressure; and it has effective time filter and small leak determine function, which to insure the test reliability, and it also has a power-down recovery function.

■ It adopts MODBUS communication protocol to the computer, which the mainstream industrial control communication protocol to ensure high reliability of data transmission and other general-purpose intelligent instrumentation compatibility.


Computer control unit

■ It adopts MODBUS communication protocol to the computer, which the mainstream industrial control communication protocol to ensure high reliability of data transmission and other general-purpose intelligent instrumentation compatibility.

■ Microcomputer and PC control, distributed control mode for dual display, in the case of the PC for long time not online, but doesn't affect the system work, test data no lost

Pressure working unit

■ If above 6 stations adopts double pump control mode, when take hydrostatic pressure test, one pump working, the other for reservation. If the working pump was broken in test, you can change another one, easy to repair and won't delay the test. If need much pressure complement, the 2 pumps can working in the meantime automatically

■ We use USA pressure pump, and install water inventory and filter system, which to insure the life of the machine and water smooth.


Shunt pressure control unit

■ It adopts a modular control, and fully realize the shunt control 

■ Each branch pressure does not directly test pump for pressure, but by the main accumulator supply pressure, pressure, pressure supply fast, small pressure fluctuations

■ Each station adopts 2 accumulator to control high pressure test and low pressure test, which insure the pressure range and stability of the pressure

■ Brand magnetic valve control, insure long time use, and insure supply pressure in time and reliable of the pressure  



III. Software (For PC Model)

Software function

● You can choose hand input test data or perform test pressure automatically according to client's request (default as automatically)

● When the user selects the default( automatically generated) set the parameters, you should from top to bottom, left to right, then the program will perform toroidal stress, adjust time and test pressure  (when you choose test standard, sample materials, temperature, time, then toroidal stress will performed, when you input the sample wall thickness, adjust time will performed, when you choose and input accrual diameter parameters, test pressure will performed)

● When user choose hand model to set the test parameters, you should setting all the test data according to your request.

● Software can shift between English and Chinese.

● Software support Bar and Mpa unit transfer





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