304# Stainless Steel Pipe End Caps for Hydrostatic Pressure Test

Product Details

End caps (304#Stainless steel material)

The end caps(pipe end plug ) are used for sealing the pipe in hydrostatic pressure test, it’s a necessary part of hydrostaitc pressure testing machine system.

● The 304# stainless steel pipe end caps for hydrostatic pressure test All stainless steel material can prevent corrosion and rust, easy to be installed.

● For end closure We have them for outside diameter betweenФ14 and Ф1200

● This stainless steel end caps(stainless steel end caps) is used at the ends of pipes. The fluorine rubber sealing ring with good high temperature resistant is placed in the seal groove of end cap, with the structure of O-shape for the outside diameter under 63mm, Y-shape for the one more than 63mm. The sealing joint is placed on the ring

● For the test piece with large outside diameter, water pressure roles in the direction of Y-shape sealing ring grooves. The ring will expand to prevent water leak when the water pressure increase.

● For the plastic pipe with large range of variation of outside diameter, the Y-shape sealing ring avoids ring deforming and poor sealing performance of traditional way which use sealing nail tightening and cause O-shape ring deform.

● The test piece is tighten through the screw after the groove of pipe clamp is stuck in the snap ring on the end cover. The pipe clamp can meet the various requirement of out-of-roundness for the pipe with large outside diameter, and can be easily load and unload.

● The pressure inlet and exhaust valve are equipped in the upper cap. The draw off valve is equipped on the lower cap with the outside diameter more than 315mm.

● The connecting chain is offered as optional part, and can be used for connecting the upper cap with the lower cap to prevent lower cap falling down from the pipe when the brittle break occurs to the test pipe.



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