Digital Plastic Carbon Black Content Tester

This carbon black content tester is suitable for determining the carbon black content in polyethylene, polypropylene, poly.This carbon black content test equipment can be widely used in production and scientific research,factories,universities and research institutes structure and principle.

Product Details


1.5 inch wide touch screen control, the current temperature and setting temperature, decomposition, pyrolysis condition, constant temperature state, operation time etc, according to the information integration operation is very simple

2. Heating furnace and control system integration design, convenient for the user’s device management.

3. Pyrolysis and decomposition temperature automatic srorage procedures section, users just click on a button operation, dispense trival repeatedly temperature settings. In the true sense of full automatic operation control.

4.Nitorgen and oxygen gas switch te two roads, configuration and high preccision ball float gas meter

5.Matching rapid cooling device, the realization of rapid cooling temperature, improve the utilization efficiency of the machine

6.Oven door knob type design, convenient user feeding and loading.

7.Nano blanket new thermal insulation materila, achieve good effect of heat preservation temperature, uniformity of furnace temperature is high.

8.It accords to the standard of ISO6964



Main Technical parameters:

Temperature range

Room temperature to 1000℃

Heating tube inner diameter


Heating element

Resistance wire

Display mode

5 inch wide touch screen

The temperature control mode

Memory PID programmable control, automatic temperature setting

 Working power supply

AC 220V  50/60HZ

Rated power



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