Cast Aluminum Rotor Tester

Cast Aluminum Rotor Tester
Product Details

Brief Introduction:

This cast aluminum rotor tester is used for determining blowholes, residues, thin strips, breaking, lack of casting etc. Defects for squirrel-cage rotor in production casting process.And it can also test conducting bar internal short circuit and poor performance caused by materials properties Differences. Rotor manufacturer. This motor rotar tester is necessary equipment for Rotor manufacturer in quality control.

Test significance for the rotor test machine:

this cast aluminum rotor testing machine was Small and medium-sized AC motors, especially those requiring higher starting torque, such as air compressors, or motors with higher rotation speeds, such as motor spindle motors, or highly efficient energy-saving motors, impose new requirements on the quality of the rotor.

In the process of rotor die-casting, defects such as pores or trachoma in the guide bar are caused due to abrasive tools, aluminum temperature, aluminum, etc., which can severely cause broken strips, affecting the power, noise, vibration, etc. after it is installed in the complete machine, or even burns stator wire packages. Therefore, it is very necessary for us to remove the bad rotor before the die casting after the die casting.

working principle:

When a moving conductor is used to cut magnetic lines of force in a magnetic field, induced electromotive forces are generated at both ends of the conductor, and induced currents are generated in closed conductors. If the external conditions such as the magnetic field and the speed of the conductor do not change, the magnitude of the induced current in the conductor directly depends on the conductor itself. Induced current will inevitably generate an induced electric field, and the sensor of the device will collect the induced current. Change, the sensor signal is processed and displayed in the form of a waveform on the screen, depicting the situation that reflects the movement of the rotor in the magnetic field, and directly reflecting the parameters such as the resistance of the rotor bar.

Technical parameters:

  1. Applicable rotors:Complete slot opening rotors,Complete slot close rotors,slot close rotor with single process slot

  2. Applicable rotor size:Rotor diameter≦145mm, Lamination thickness≦250mm

  3. Waveform peaks:0-2.5V

  4. Clamping methods:pneumatic

  5. Testing speed: 3-5s/piece

  6. Recording method: Computer Memory

  7. Test result:Waveform display, Chinese prompts, audible alarm

  8. Operation method: One button to complete clamping, measuring, unloading of the  test piece

  9. Working condition:  Power supply:220V 50HZ.(Voltage can be customized) Air source:0.4Mpa

  10. Outside dimension:600*700*900mm (L×W×H)

  11. Weight:185Kg

blob.png blob.png

       Qualified rotor waveform                                          Failed rotor waveform