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Zoltek Signs Cooperation Memorandum With New Energy Vehicle Brand Uniti

Apr 26, 2018

Zoltek announced on April 18 that it had signed a cooperation memorandum with Uniti, a new energy vehicle company, to supply carbon fiber materials for Uniti One, the latter's production vehicle of the same name. The cooperation between the two parties will take effect immediately from the signing of the memorandum.


Uniti said that the Uniti One new energy vehicle has already received thousands of orders. The biggest highlight is that the body is made of all-carbon fiber, and each vehicle consumes about 20kg of PX35 50K carbon filament. The signing of the memorandum will provide Uniti with a stable carbon fiber supply channel, which will facilitate the expansion of production as orders increase.

"Zoltek is a well-known large tow carbon fiber supplier in the industry. With their support, our business will be better developed,” said Anton Franzen, chief technology officer at Uniti.

The replacement of traditional metal materials with Zytech's PX35 carbon wire not only keeps the vehicle's mechanical performance unaffected, but also costs more economically than using other advanced materials. “This unit developed by Uniti is very unique enough to change the entire automotive industry. We are very excited to establish long-term relationships with them. Their trust in Zoltek also makes us proud.” Zoltek Composites David Purcell, Vice President of Intermediates and Oxidation Fiber, said. "The success of this cooperation proves once again that the ZallTech business model is correct, while eliminating Uniti's concerns about the instability of the carbon fiber supply chain in the future."