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We Have Launched A New Type Of Melt Flow Index Tester Especially For Meltblown Materials

Apr 27, 2020

With the global spread of COVID-19, the demand for medical masks has been rising. Melt-blown cloth is the core part of medical masks, and its price has increased by dozens of times.

Melt-blown cloth is a film made of polypropylene with a high melt index. It is a film formed by laminating many criss-cross fibers in random directions. The fiber diameter ranges from 0.5 to 10 microns, and the fiber diameter is about 30 cents of the hair thread. one.

The special material for melt-blown cloth is melt-blown material-high melt index polypropylene. The higher the melt index of polypropylene, the finer the fibers melt-blown, and the better the filterability of the melt-blown cloth.

"Common polypropylene has a melt index of around 30, and melt-blown nonwoven special polypropylene requires a melt index of 1500-1800.

At this stage, we have launched a new type of melt flow index tester, which is mainly aimed at high melt index materials such as meltblown materials.


Please  check details at: https://www.chinatestequipments.com/tests-on-plastic-raw-materials/melt-flow-index-tester/melt-flow-index-tester-for-melt-blown.html