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UK Promises To Provide New Funding For Plastic Pollution

Apr 18, 2018

British Prime Minister Theresa May promised to invest 61.4 million pounds (about 71 million euros) in funds to fight plastic pollution.

On April 15th, in May, Britain, Vanuatu, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Ghana signed the newly established Commonwealth Clean Oceans Alliance to fight plastic pollution.


According to WWF-UK data, the alliance has promised to completely ban the use of microbeads and reduce the use of plastic bags in rinse-off cosmetics and personal care products by 2021.

As part of this initiative, governments will work with organizations and companies from all parts of the Commonwealth to jointly protect the environment.

Of the 61.4 million pounds (about 71 million euros) of funds announced by Teresa May, 25 million pounds (about 29 million euros) will be used for research activities. Researchers will investigate the ocean from a scientific, economic and social perspective. Plastic problem.

In addition, 20 million pounds (23 million Euros) will be used to control plastic pollution and other environmental pollution from manufacturing industries in developing countries and prevent their entry into the sea.

The remaining 16.4 million pounds (19 million euros) will be used to improve the national and municipal waste management system and prevent plastic pollution of the ocean.