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UK Implement Bottle Recycling Program To Reduce Pollution

Mar 29, 2018

The British government said in a statement on the 27th that the UK will implement a beverage bottle recycling program to increase the recycling rate of waste products and reduce the pollution of land and sea by waste products.

According to the statement, according to this plan, consumers must pay a certain deposit when they buy drinks, and refund the deposit when they return the bottles.

At present, this recycling plan has been implemented in Denmark, Sweden and Germany.

According to statistics, British consumers use about 13 billion plastic beverage bottles each year. About 3 billion of these beverage bottles are burned, landfilled or discarded.

In a statement, the British Minister of the Environment, Michael Goff, said that plastic products not only pollute people’s places of residence, but also damage the marine environment and harm or even kill marine organisms such as dolphins and sea turtles. "We now need to take action to address this threat and recycle millions of plastic bottles every day."

Goff said that England will discuss and discuss specific plans for the implementation of the plan in the second half of this year. One of the measures is to use a machine similar to a vending machine. When people put a plastic or glass bottle into the machine, the machine will refund the deposit. .

To reduce the use of plastic bags, the United Kingdom has charged 5 pence (approximately RMB 0.4) per plastic bag since 2015.