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UK Delphis Eco Introduces 100% HDPE Recycling Packaging

Jan 29, 2018

Delphis Eco, the UK-based environmental detergent manufacturer, has unveiled a new bottle and claims it is the first 100% recycled HDPE product it ships in the UK.

According to the company, the bottle was launched in September 2017 after five years of research and development.


Delphis Eco said the bottles are made from recycled milk bottles.

Company spokesman Claudia Hall said: "In terms of expansion, we are committed to using post consumer reclaimed materials (PCRs) throughout the product range, including 1L, 2L and 5L bottles."

She continued, at the moment, the company is a B2B e-commerce model.

Hall added: "But with the success of PCR bottles in the production process, we have a very good response and we are launching the first B2C retail line this year around PCR packaging."