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Ube Industries Expanded Its Michigan Ann Arbor Facility

Feb 09, 2018

Ube Industries plans to expand its 21,500-square-foot expansion of its Ann Arbor, Michigan, headquarters and assembly plant to expand its product line and promote sales, including second-board hydraulic servos, servo-hydraulic control switches and full electric motors.

Chairman Ichiro Motoki declined to comment on the amount of investment for the expansion, but said the company will double the annual capacity of its medium- and large-scale injection molding machines with a clamping force of 720-3000 tons.


Ube Industries plans to expand its 21500-square-foot facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.

In an February 6 email interview, Motoki said: "We will also use this expansion to provide faster delivery to our U.S. customers."

The 73,600-square-foot plant now houses not only U-Totally full-motor and servo-hydraulic injection molding machines, but also U-MHI Platech's machines. U-MHI Platech was founded in January 2017. Its parent company, Ube Machinery, acquired 85% of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Plastic Technology.

Motoki said: "Ube has always been focused on injection molding machine sales in North America, primarily motors, but with the integration of U-MHI Platech, the 70% market share of two-plate hydraulic servo machines of 600 tons and over."

The expansion project started in January this year and is expected to be completed in September. Ann Arbor plant has 55 employees, but Motoki said the company is considering hiring more employees.