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ThyssenKrupp Group Makes Rapid Progress In Digital Transformation

Apr 25, 2018

German industrial group ThyssenKrupp has made rapid progress in digital transformation and its material business has been digitized in a full range.

In what it calls "the world's largest virtual warehouse," ThyssenKrupp provides customers with 150,000 products and services around the clock.


The group's material services have 3.5 million square meters of storage space at 271 operating sites worldwide.

Hans-Josef Hoss said: “Digitalized the stock of our approximately 150,000 products worldwide. We can provide our customers with a wide range of materials and services. We don’t stop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

These products include plastics, steel products and many other materials, as well as supply chain management services.

ThyssenKrupp has called it a "multi-channel" solution. Customers can place orders through personal customer portals, EDI interfaces, and online stores. In the future, orders can be placed through external platforms.

Axel Berger, director of digital transformation at ThyssenKrupp Material Services, explains: “We digitize all our projects and provide information in real time. Customers can order according to their needs, whether it is on-the-fly or in sequence.”