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The United States University Of Texas Has Developed A New Type Of Polymer Materials For Drainage Pipes

Jan 18, 2018

Mohammad Najafi, a professor of municipal engineering at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), has been awarded a grant for the development of a new type of polymer material for drainage pipe repair that will help extend the life of the drain pipe.

Professor Mohamma dNajafi, also director of UTA's Institute for Underground Infrastructure Research Education, said that the pipe lining itself is a spray-on polymer or cement-like material and we will study how this spray-on pipe lining material has a significant impact on the drainage performance of the drainage pipe and Effect of structural performance.


Mohammad Najafi believes that in the past, the handling of damaged pipes was generally done by inserting skid-mounted lining pipes into the pipes, but this would adversely affect the drainage efficiency of the pipes. In addition, the in-situ repair pipeline method will also lead to the decline of the drainage efficiency of the pipeline, and hard to reach for the staff of the pipeline sites and large diameter pipe repair, in situ repair method does not apply.

These repair methods occupy too much space inside the original damaged pipeline, resulting in a decrease in the water delivery capacity of the repaired pipeline. However, the new polymer is very thin and has extremely high strength and has no adverse effect on drainage performance after pipeline repair. The repair method is also cost-effective.

Mohammad Najafi said: "Repairing a pipe with a new polymer material has greatly extended the life of a damaged drain pipe and can be used for another 50 years."

The research project has now been led by the Transportation Department of the states of Ohio, New York, Florida, North Carolina, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and is supported by the National Highway Cooperative Research Project as a collaborative research project in Transport Research Council under the guidance of management, work with the Federal Highway Administration.

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