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The Test Shows That HDPE Can Be Recycled 10 Times

Feb 02, 2018

A practical test carried out by ESE World, a Holland container maker, shows that high density polyethylene (HDPE) can be recycled at least 10 times under "control conditions".

In a statement published in January 24th, the company said that in the past 30 years, they have been using recycled plastic to make containers.


ESE World indicates, but there is still a problem that has not yet been solved. How long can HDPE process, grind and reprocess in the injection process without changing the structure and characteristics of the material?

Therefore, ESE has established a controlled experimental model in its production facilities so that the HDPE pure material can be reused 10 times.

"After every step, we are working with external research institutions to analyze these materials," the company said.

This project is composed of ESE plastic experts and scientists led by Dr. HN Jeanett K.

"This test has proved for the first time that during the entire reuse process, the injection and shredding processes have no effect on any change in the material."