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The EU Plans To Levy A New Tax On Plastics

Jan 16, 2018

EU Budget and Human Resources Commissioner Guenther Oettinger has announced plans to tax plastics as a source of income and plans to reduce plastic packaging.

Oettinger announced his 2011 budget plan on January 10. He said the potential tax proposals will be part of a new financial instrument after Brexit in the United Kingdom and to reduce packaging packaging in the face of China's "ban on waste imports."


Bloomberg quoted Oettinger as saying: "Since January 1 this year, China has closed the waste plastic market, no longer accept the reprocessing of waste plastics."

According to EU commissioners, a budget gap will emerge from the UK's departure from the EU in March 2019, a move that will also help fill the budget gap of 12 billion to 15 billion euros.

According to the European Commission, the details of this tax remain to be seen.

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