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Temperature Monitoring For Our Melt Flow Index Tester

Aug 20, 2019

At the request of our German customer, we test our melt flow index tester temperature yesterday. and then we offer the good result to our customer. they are satisfy with it. and will order 3 sets for our melt flow rate tester later...

Melt flow rate (melt index)of thermoplastics is melt mass or volume which flow though the standard capillary die every 10 minutes, indicating by MFR.It’s different from thermoplastics viscosity in Molten state.

we test 190℃ point, after it reach the set temperature, and wait about 20 minutes to stable the temperature, then we get temperature like following:


set temperature: 190℃, Monitoring temperature:190.65℃ (within 0.8℃ floatingrange)

And we take test by MVR test method with standard PE materials


PE standard materials:

MVR :4.22cm3/10min

Uncertain range:(4.22±0.21)cm3/10min

and we get test result like following:


Perfect result!!

If you are interest in our melt flow index tester (plastometer), please visit:https://www.chinatestequipments.com/tests-on-plastic-raw-materials/melt-flow-index-tester/mfi-melt-flow-indexer-mfr-mvr-test-method.html