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Sumitomo Chemical Introduces High-performance Thermoplastics To The North American Market

Feb 26, 2018

Sumitomo Chemical brings high-performance thermoplastics to the North American market.

Sumiploy CS5530 is a polyether sulfone proprietary additive package that increases wear resistance and dimensional stability. For years, it has been used in the automotive hydraulic control valve of an undisclosed car manufacturer. It replaces aluminum because it saves costs and improves the response time of variable valve timing systems.


Janice Grzywa, business manager for engineering polymers at Sumitomo Chemical, said: "The material is primarily intended for automotive applications, but also for electronics and aerospace components, as well as replacing other high-end polymers such as polyetheretherketone and Polyetherimide.

Sumiploy has high tensile strength, flexural modulus and impact strength. The proportion of 1.56, the standard molding temperature of 680 degrees Fahrenheit, the glass transition temperature range of 437 degrees Fahrenheit to 446 degrees Fahrenheit.

Sumiploy is manufactured at a Japanese factory in Japan. The company's other PES materials include liquid crystal polymers and other modifiers that increase strength.