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South Korea Launches Nano Bioplastics To Accelerate Development Of Bioplastics

Mar 09, 2018

Ecomass, a leading bioplastics company, and Tategu, a leading developer of nanomaterials, stated that in February this year, they signed a cooperation agreement for the development of nano-biocomposite materials.

Ecomass, as a bioplastics company, does not extract plastics from oil, but rather extracts from plants such as sugarcane as a plastic material that meets the needs of specific customers who want to get rid of harmful chemicals, such as kitchen supplies and baby products. Therefore, it is well received by consumers. In addition, ecomass was named "consumer-selected annual green commodity" for the seventh consecutive year.

In addition, the company used bamboo to produce nanofiber crystals. The so-called nanofibers are substances that make the tree and the main component cellulose one billionth of a meter, and even in the existing polymers, they have strong mechanical strength and stability and are very advanced technologies.

Starting from 2017, the two companies took advantage of the two companies and began to develop bioplastic nanofiber crystals. Based on good research results, the two companies signed the agreement.

Through this move, the two companies developed the regenerative properties and mass production equipment of nano-bio-composite materials, applied for a patent together, and jointly sought marketing for partner companies that apply to cars and smartphones.

The ecomass representative said: "The existing bioplastics are only suitable for some household items because of lack of mechanical properties, pressure resistance and transparency. Therefore, the market expansion is insufficient. Through this development, we can use the automotive and home appliance market. Technology to ensure the future growth drivers of the two companies."

Ecomass has promoted the production of bio-synthetic resin bags made of bio-degradable reusable shopping bags and was certified by the Ministry of the Environment in February this year. It also focuses on the shopping bags of pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies.

The ecomass signed an agreement with East Tool to accelerate the development of nano-biocomposite materials.