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Sabert Builds New Factory In Greenville, U.S.A.

Feb 05, 2018

Plastic packaging maker Sabert is building a new manufacturing facility and is expected to create about 125 new jobs near Dallas.

The company said the new plant in Greenville will start operations early next year, about an hour's drive northeast of Dallas.


Sabert will produce plastic packaging and compost based fiber - based packaging.

Albert Salama, the chief executive of the company, said in a statement: "the core of our construction is our commitment to the environment. We can provide more sustainable management for our customers. We replace the products that may eventually be disposed of by the landfill to help the environment. "

The 450 thousand square foot factory will run through two countries in the United States and abroad to join the network of other Sabert production bases.

The materials used by Sabert include polystyrene, PET, polypropylene and polylactic acid. Its customers include food distributors, restaurants, catering enterprises, food stores, food chains and consumer entertainment.

Sabert has said it will create 125 jobs in three years