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PRE: 65% Recovery Rate For Plastic Packing Industry Is Achievable

Jan 14, 2018

A recent study by the European Plastics Recycling Initiative (PRE) shows that plastic packaging will achieve 65% recovery by 2025.

However, the Brussels-based organization announced in December 2017 that to achieve this goal requires a package of measures and the necessary tools to put it in place.


In addition, steps need to be taken to ensure greater focus, thereby improving the quality and ability of the EU's plastic packaging waste classification. Recyclability should be an integral part of the design of these products.

Research shows that the recycled design will not only improve the recirculation capacity of plastic packaging in the market but will also reduce classification and recovery costs.

PRE said in a statement: "These measures will improve the quality of recycled products and, ultimately, increase consumer confidence in recycled products."

The European organization also called for "strong communication" on the plastic value chain and "pushing for legislation" to make better use of recycled materials.

From an environmental, social and economic point of view, increasing recycling rates and using recycled plastics will reduce CO2 emissions by 80%.

In addition, these measures will create over 115,000 jobs and bring about 1 billion euros in economic benefits

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