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Polymaker Introduces PolyMide CoPA As Latest 3D Printing Material

Jan 18, 2018

Recently, 3D printing material company Polymaker introduced PolyMideCoPA, a series of nylon (polyamide) based 3D printer wire. The wire is optimized for engineering applications with "no distortion" technology.

Since the launch of two new TPU-based filaments last year, PolyMideCoPA is the latest material from Polymaker. The new material will provide black and natural colors.


Nylon wire, while highly stretchable and resistant to wear, is often overlooked in FFF / FDM3D printing. This is because the dimensional stability is relatively poor (that is, it retains its original size under heat and humidity changes) and is prone to warp on extrusion.

PolyMaker's non-deforming technology addresses these issues by chemically controlling the microstructure and crystallization behavior of the wire at the time of manufacture. Therefore, all internal pressure generated during 3D printing is completely released before solidification.

No heating chamber is required when 3D printing a new Polyamaker material, which means it can be printed on any FFF / FDM3D printer capable of nozzle temperatures of 250 ° C or higher.

In addition, improved printability can be achieved without sacrificing the inherent properties of nylon, without the addition of abrasive fillers that could damage the nozzles of the 3D printer.


Nylon is used to produce working parts and moving parts with enhanced resistance to stress, high heat deflection, effective layer adhesion and high tensile strength.

As a proof of concept, researchers at Tongji University built an eco-car that combines 3D printed nylon parts with carbon fiber panels. The ability to balance the weight distribution in eco cars by customizing the ability to fill 3D patterns of large nylon parts.

Dr. Xiaofanuo Guo, CEO of Polyworks, said: "We are excited about the materials and their new applications, further reducing the gap between engineering plastics and desktop 3D printing."

It is reported that Polymaker will launch PolyMideCoPABlack on January 22, 2018, and PolyMideCoPANatural will be launched in March 2018.

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