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Plastic Raw Materials How To Test?

May 02, 2017

1, the appearance of the quality of raw materials, respectively, open the bag 1~2 bag, take out a little plastic particles, the size of each bag of plastic particles and color. Compared with the previous batch of the same type of plastic. There were no significant differences in the color and particle size of the raw materials in different bags.

2, sample product appearance quality. Using plastic raw material according to the normal production process, observe the appearance quality of 10~20 products. The sample products shall not have cracks, deformation, blistering, fracture, expansion, shrinkage and other effects on the appearance of defects. Smooth surface, clear skin.

3, melt index test. Determination of the melt index of raw materials by measuring the mass flow rate and the melt volume flow rate of a thermoplastic GB/T3682-2000.

4, size and appearance of thermal stability test. Put the product into the 8020C oven 24H, cool to 2350C (2H), measure the size of the same measuring point before and after the test, calculate the percentage change. And observe the changes in the appearance of the size of the size of the rate of change of <0.2%, the appearance is not allowed to have deformation, crack, expansion, surface gray, color and so on.