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Our Ring-stiffness Testing Machine For 3.5 Meters Pipes Leave Factory To Russian Customer This Week

Nov 12, 2018

we sell 1 set XHG-100-3.5 ring-stiffness testing machine to Russian customer, and this week the machine 

finished and passed the factory inspection Successfully´╝îwill delivery to Russia soon.

Hope this machine can help the customer to control their pipe quality.

This Plastic pipes Ring stiffness testing machine is applies to determine thermoplastic pipe ring stiffness which with a circular cross section.

The numerical value of ring stiffness is widely used in the world to express the ability of plastic pipes to withstand external pressure loads. In the actual engineering use, once the ring stiffness index of the plastic pipe is unqualified, it directly affects the project quality and service life.


Welcome to choose our ring-stiffness testing machine: