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Moon Jae-in Apologizes To Citizens For Plastic Waste Recycling

Apr 13, 2018

Seoul, South Korea's capital, and its surrounding areas have recently been caught in a “junk mess”. According to the Yonhap News Agency, South Korea's President Wen said at a state conference held in Cheongwada on the 10th that the recyclable garbage in some apartments' plastic bags and beverage bottles last week caused confusion and caused him inconvenience.

Wen said that the local government is responsible for the recovery of garbage. Fortunately, the central government did not stand idly by, but announced the emergency plan in a relatively short period of time after negotiating with local and refuse removal companies. However, he also stated that the central government's countermeasures before the chaos occurred were inadequate.

Wen said that in July last year, China announced that it would completely stop importing waste plastics and other "foreign garbage" from January this year, but the relevant departments did not make preparations in advance. It is hoped that the relevant departments will reflect on this and formulate basic measures for the recovery and utilization of waste. South Korea ranks first in the world in terms of per capita plastic consumption. However, its understanding of garbage disposal problems is clearly insufficient, and the measures are not sufficient. We hope to take this opportunity to comprehensively rectify domestic waste, in recycling, production, consumption, emissions, screening, reuse, etc. The cycle will fundamentally formulate comprehensive measures for improvement in the medium and long term.

According to reports, after China stopped importing foreign garbage this year, most of the garbage removal and transportation companies in the two cities and cities in the Korean capital circle declared that they would no longer be able to recycle PET plastic bottles and white polystyrene lunch boxes on the ground of unprofitable profit. Caused the accumulation of rubbish and the contradiction between community property and residents. The Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Korea has reached an agreement with the 48 garbage collection companies in the metropolitan area to recover the corresponding garbage as usual, and will launch measures to stabilize the market for recyclable garbage.