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Mitsubishi Chemical Thailand Plant Starts Production Of TPE

Jan 29, 2018

Mitsubishi Chemical announced on January 19 that it has started production of Styrene Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPS) in Thailand.

Its subsidiary, Mitsubishi Chemical High Performance Polymers (Thailand), started operations in January 2018 to serve the growing automobile market in Asia.


The company's statement did not provide details about the plant's capacity.

The Japanese supplier owns a portfolio of olefins, styrenics and polyester elastomers. Its TPS materials are used in the automotive, electronic equipment and building materials industries.

To meet "strong market demand", Mitsubishi Chemical decided to start production of TPS products in the fast-growing market in Thailand.

Mitsubishi Chemical said: "However, in recent years, TPS demand in Southeast Asia has increased, mainly in the automotive and food packaging areas."

Mitsubishi Chemical currently produces three TPS brands in Thailand, including Thermorun for automotive airbags.