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McDonald's Announced It Will Stop Using EPS Products Worldwide

Jan 14, 2018

McDonald's said its foam products will be eliminated by the end of 2018. Prior to this, McDonald's alreday transit their products from the foam appliances to the paper cup a few years ago.

As You Sow, a shareholder rights group focused on environmental issues, recently resubmitted a resolution asking McDonald's to assess the impact of using EPS. A similar proposal received the support of nearly one-third of shareholders last year.


   The fast food giant announced it will stop using polystyrene materials worldwide. The company faced opposition from shareholder activists.

The annual general meeting of shareholders is coming soon and McDonald's is currently working on this issue.

McDonald's EPS resolution was carried out in the context of a greater debate, and municipalities also discussed the use of these materials.

Proponents insist EPS is indeed "recyclable." However, the opponents believe that the reality is that such materials are difficult to handle and can not be recycled on a large scale.

Unlike rigid PS, EPS is composed of about 98% of air. Compared with other plastics, it's light weight, small size.

Dart Container company has been advocating EPS packaging and its recyclability. In response to plans by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio to ban the use of these materials in takeaway food packaging, the company has proposed creating a system to handle New York City's EPS.

Dart has also established "EPS Recycling Facilities" outlets throughout the country.

McDonald's said on the company's website, "The environmental impact of packaging is in the first place."

McDonald's said: "We also plan to completely eliminate our global bubble packaging by the end of 2018. In our packaging, by weight, about 2% of the current bubble, we believe this small step in our development It is important that these actions represent a success and will take our system and industry to the next level. "

Conrad MacKerron has been backing As You Sow's call for McDonald's rejection of EPS.

In a statement, he said, "This sends an important signal to other fast-food companies that may still be using bubbles, and we want McDonald's next step to turn to other disposable items such as plastic straws and lids, Endangering marine animals and adding plastic garbage to the world's oceans. "

Although people have been debating the benefits of using EPS for years, there have been few attempts to use plastic drinking straw until recently.

Actiam, which calls itself a "responsible fund and asset management company," and JLens, a Jewish-believing investor network, will also join As You Sow in submitting early shareholder proposals. As You Sow said it will withdraw the offer.

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