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KRAIBURG TPE Capacity Continues To Grow

Jan 29, 2018

KRAIBURG TPE has added an extrusion line to thermoplastic elastomer (TPEs) products at its headquarters in Waldruigsburg, Germany.

In a January 24 statement, the company said the new production line will bring its global production capacity to 56,000 metric tons.


The company did not disclose further details about the new line.

Commenting on the expansion, Franz Hinterecker, chief executive of KRAIBURG TPE, said that the Waldruppe factory was "the focus of all our activities".

Hinterecker added that the company has been investing in recent years, especially in expanding its development center and increasing its production capacity.

In addition to Warchiefel, KRAIBURG TPE has recently invested in North America and Asia.

In the United States, the company relocated the new manufacturing facility to Buford, near Atlanta, Georgia, in 2016.

The company said that a new production line has been put into production recently at its plant in Kuala Lumpur, Asia.