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Korea Has Developed Technology For Making Plastic With Glucose

Feb 02, 2018

South Korean International Radio reported 30 days ago that South Korea successfully developed the technology of making plastics from glucose. The research results were published in the international academic journal Nature Communications.

The South Korean Ministry of information and communication technology, the Korea Institute of science and Technology (KAIST) research group, Professor of Biochemistry Engineering Department led by Li Xiangye, Professor Pu Shizai and professor of new materials College of chemical engineering Ewha Womans University (sound) led the research group, successfully developed the plastic production technology.

The report points out that in order to produce a plastic aromatic polyester for beverage bottles or food packaging materials, the research group changed the gene of Escherichia coli, and then injected glucose into the deformed E.coli, and then produced "aromatic polyester".

The research group introduces the use of this technology to synthesize a variety of plastics, and will contribute to the development of the bioplastics industry.