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Joslyn Buys New 3D Printers To Increase Productivity

Mar 09, 2018

Custom Thermoplastics company Joslyn Manufacturing has purchased a 3D printer for its 105,000-square-foot facility in Macedonia, Ohio

Project Manager Brittaney Hardy said on March 8 that the company has invested approximately $200,000 in printers and will produce prototype components and prototype tools.


Hardy said: "The printer has been in use for more than two months."

The company said at a press conference on March 8th that Joslyn’s engineers traditionally used drawings or computer-aided design (CAD) to produce wood-molded prototypes, a process that would take weeks.

The company said that after purchasing a 3D printer, it can provide customers with a more cost-effective and time-efficient prototype product.

Bret Joslyn, chief operating officer of the company, said at the press conference: “We used to spend weeks making a prototype sample, but now it only takes a few days. 3D printing technology has made great progress in the past five years. People began to show unprecedented attention to it."

Joslyn manufactures a wide variety of thermoformed plastic products—from drain pans and lampshades, to playground equipment and boxes—for use in the equipment, automotive, consumer goods, appliances, medical and entertainment industries.