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Huntsman For Footwear Manufacturers Introduced A New Type Of Fast-cycling TPU

Mar 01, 2018

Huntsman has introduced a new line of thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs) that help shoemakers cut their production cycles.

The company announced on February 21 that the Avalon AB DI line "is easy to release and helps shoemakers increase the productivity of injection molded parts."


According to Huntsman, these materials are designed to improve cycle times and simplify the production of thick-walled parts, which can "significantly improve mold release" compared to standard injection molded materials.

The company states: "The test results show that the Avalon AB DI material achieves a mold release half-life and significantly reduces the cooling time compared to conventional TPU."

Huntsman developed the line after having discussed with "a major supplier of footwear components."

Huntsman explained: "The supplier wants to improve the molding efficiency of the soles (such as shoe soles), new materials to improve the injection molding machine capacity."