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How To Check Whether The Universal Milling Machine Processing Standards

May 02, 2017

1 inspection of surface roughness surface roughness is generally used to compare the surface roughness model.

Test flatness error

2 for the universal milling machine flatness requirements is not high, the general use of the edge of the knife to test the flatness of the plane for a higher request, then the use of color test. Coloring method is standard plate coated with red lead powder, the plane on the workpiece on the standard plate for research, observation of color plane, if uniform and fine, the flatness accuracy of the workpiece plane is very good.

3 test parallelism, perpendicularity, tilt error

Parallelism: parallel plane to check the plane and the workpiece positioning parallel error. For the workpiece is not high, you can use micrometer or vernier caliper to measure the workpiece in the four corners and the middle, the difference between the size of each part, the difference is the parallelism error. If the difference of all dimensions is within the range specified in the drawing, the parallelism error of universal milling machine meets the requirements. For the requirements of the higher, you should use the dial indicator tester parallelism. Check, adjust the dial gauge height, the dial indicator measuring head and the workpiece surface contact, the workpiece is placed on the dial indicator, dial gauge long pointer alignment on the dial "zero", to make the work table close to the seat surface movement, the parallelism error according to the change of the dial indicator can be measured workpiece.