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Hose Inspection

May 02, 2017

The wide application of the hose determines the special requirements for its performance. Through the early detection, can effectively prevent the safety problems caused by the quality of rubber hose. According to the framework of the division: cloth hose, braided hose, winding hose, knitted hose, special hose, silica gel tube, rubber hose, suction hose, braided hose, knitted hose, short fiber hose

According to the use of water pipes, hot water pipes, steam pipes, marine pipes, food and beverage pipes, air pipes, welded pipes, gas pipes, ventilation pipes, material pipes, oil pipes, chemical tubes, high pressure pipes, etc.. Test items: adhesion strength, resistance to suction flat resistance, bending resistance, swelling resistance, electrochemical degradation, oxidation induction time detection, ozone resistance, heat resistance, old compression permanent deformation resistance, lubricating oil pressure vibration, temperature test, diameter change, tear strength, heat aging properties, change change in hardness, tensile strength, elongation at break rate change rate, oxidation resistant fuel, the volume change rate and high IRM No. 903 oil, explosion pressure, heat aging after low temperature flexibility test, extract the number of detection, tear resistance, resistance to pressure resistance, bending performance, deformation coefficient, surface contamination hardness, tensile strength, elongation, elongation at break, hot air aging resistance test, liquid temperature, brittle rupture pressure, hydrostatic test, leakage test, low temperature bending test, The minimum bending radius, interlayer adhesion resistance and vacuum performance, pulse test, volume expansion volume, permeability, outer cladding wear resistance, flammability test, conductivity test, resistance test, flame retardant properties and electrical properties