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Green Line Polymers Installs NGR's Largest Recycling Machine

May 04, 2018

U.S. plastic recycling company Green Line Polymers announced on April 30 that it has recently installed the largest recycling machine manufactured by NGR.

The machine can recover more than 4,000 pounds of plastic waste in various forms and recover about 1,800 kilograms of plastic waste per hour.


The machine will recycle a large amount of industrially used PE waste, which is from the ADS pipeline production line.

NGR claims that this resin will be used as the raw material for next-generation ADS bellows products and water management solutions (WMS).

Green Line Polymers is one of North America's largest polymer product recyclers and has eight plants in the United States.

ADS is a manufacturer of high performance thermoplastic bellows and ancillary products that provides a complete range of water management products and drainage solutions for the construction and infrastructure markets.

Austrian NGR has delivered 1,000 plastic recycling lines.

NGR has a technology center near Atlanta and offers a comprehensive recycling line for customer testing and testing.