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Global Innovation In Plastics Production

May 04, 2018

Ukrainian National News Agency April 26 news, the European Bureau of Statistics announced the 2016 global plastic production report that the global plastics annual production growth of 4% in the past five years, an increase of 20% (56 million tons). Total production of plastic 335 million tons, of which 60 million tons in Europe. China is one of the largest plastic producers. The country’s output accounts for about 25% of the total global plastic production.

The surplus of plastic waste has become a problem in many countries in the world. Ukraine is no exception. It accumulates between 12 and 15 million tons of solid waste annually, 40% of which are plastic containers. Experts pointed out that the problem is that Ukrainians do not have the motivation to deal with civilization, especially plastic bottles. The packaging material storage system helps most European countries fight plastic.

The principle of operation is that when the bottle is put into a special automatic machine, it will return a portion of the money paid by the consumer for the drink. The more bottles that are collected by the robot, the more packaging material that can be recycled or processed. On the contrary, the amount of garbage deposited on the oceans and landfills has been reduced. For example, Norway used this system to recycle almost all plastic bottles in the country. In 2016, 598 million bottles were processed, accounting for 97% of the total.

As long as the people’s parliament approves the draft law registered in the parliament, this system in Ukraine can also be implemented.