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German Precision Plastic Parts Manufacturer Fischer Officially Changed Its Name

Jan 22, 2018

Germany's Fischer was acquired by Röchling Group last year and is now renamed Röchling Industrial Laupheim.

In a January 17 statement, the precision plastic parts maker said the move is part of the company's ongoing integration process.


As the new company name suggests, the company has been included in the Röchling Group's industrial unit; but above all, the new company name "highlights" the department's marketing strategy.

The division is made up of 19 closely linked machining shops around the world and produces high-quality finished parts and components for a range of industries.

Heinz Dirksen, Head of Machine Parts Market Sales at Röchling Group, says: "In almost every industry in the world, our plastics are used and in our department we aim to provide the best quality possible for all industries, all applications and all our customers Ideal material. "